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Temperature controller NA8820A+


Temperature controller NA8820A+

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Product details
Temperature controller with two NTC sensors included. Control output R1 - 16A relay + auxiliary output R2 - 5A relay. See details

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NA8820A+ temperature controller

Professional, temperature controller with two NTC sensors included. The control is based on the on/off (ON-OFF) method with adjustable hysteresis. The controller is characterized by two temperature measurement channels (T1 main sensor, T2 auxiliary sensor), control output R1 (16A) and auxiliary output R2 (5A). They are used both in refrigeration equipment and installations, and in heating processes where additional temperature control is needed. The controller has a dimension of 76x35mm and is adapted for mounting in a board in a 70x28mm hole, using mounting brackets. The maximum thickness of the board must not exceed 22mm.

Technical data

Name Description
Power supply 230V AC +/-10%
Adjustable temperature range -50°C to +150°C
Resolution of indications and settings 0,1°C
Control output Relay R1 16A, R2 5A
Control ON/OFF with adjustable hysteresis 0.1-20°C
Operation mode Heating or Cooling
Mounting hole 70x28mm
Two-state input D1 (normally closed or open)
Temperature sensor T1 NTC 5KOhm, T2 NTC 5kOhm
Front panel dimensions 78x33


Thecontroller maintains the set temperature with the set hysteresis through the relay output. Temperature measurement is done through the chamber temperature sensor. The controller can operate in two modes of temperature control:

HEAT mode

Regulator temperatury ON OFF schemat grzania

Set temperature (X): 80°C,
Hysteresis (h): 1°C
In HEAT mode, the controller starts heating when the temperature of sensor T1 is lower than the set temperature - hysteresis [X-h], and stops heating when the temperature on the chamber sensor is higher than the set temperature + hysteresis [X+h].

COOL mode

Regulator temperatury ON OFF schemat chłodzenia

Set temperature (X): -10°C,
Hysteresis (h): 1,4°C
In COOL mode, the controller starts cooling when the temperature of sensor T1 exceeds the set temperature + hysteresis [X+h], and ends cooling when the temperature at the chamber sensor is lower than the set temperature hysteresis [X-h].

Movie how to operate NA Series controller

A video on how to set up the NA8810A+ regulator. What is included and an example of use.

Connection diagram

schemat podłączenia - regulator temperatury NA8820A+
pic. connection diagram - Temperature controller NA8820A+
widok z tyłu regulator tempratury NA8820A+
photo Rear view - Temperature controller NA8820A+

Przykład zastosowania - Regulator NA8820A+
fig. Application example - NA8820A+ controller

Audible temperature alarm

NA8820A + controller has a function of signaling exceeding of the temperature above the assumed T max value and below T min.
For parameters :

  • U52 : Delay for audible temperature alarm.
  • U53 : After power supply , delay for the first alarm signal (0=function disabled).
  • U54 : T max Value that is added to the temperature task causing an audible top alarm if : T read >= T set +U54
  • U55 : T min Value that is added to the temperature task causing an audible low alarm if : T read =< T set +U53

Below is an example of use:

fig Example of use - Audible temperature alarm

D1 input:

When NO or NC contacts No.10 and No.7 are shorted or opened while the controller is operating, the symbol "iA" will be displayed on the screen to indicate that the controller is locked in response to an external warning signal, which will cause R1 output to open and the buzzer to sound. Manual contacts, e.g. main switch or other external sensors, e.g. inductive, float, limit, optical, audible, etc. can be used to short circuit or open.

Parameters for input D1 (U60):

  • 0: (off) NO normally open state (contacts 7 and 10 must be shorted to trigger the alarm).
  • 1: NO - when shorted, locked until the "P" key is pressed
  • 2: NO - unlocked automatically after opening the contacts normally closed state NC (to trigger the alarm it is necessary to open contacts 7 and 10)
  • 3: NC - locked after opening until the "P" key is pressed
  • 4: NC - unlocked automatically after shorting the contacts

U61: Delay for external alarm input D1


Wymiary - Regulator temperatury NA8820A+ i czujnik NTC

Fig. Dimensions of housing, front panel of NA8820A+ controller and dimensions of NTC sensor.

na8810a+ wymiary2.png
1 Degree of protection IP65 (from the front after mounting in the box)
2 Mounting in a 70 x 28 mm hole, maximum thickness of the board wall 15mm
3 Mounting brackets included

Set includes


  • Temperature controller NA8810A+
  • 2x NTC 5kOhm sensor Fi6x30mm cable 2m
  • Mounting elements
  • User manual in Polish
  • Screwdriver

Data sheet
    Control output
    Maximum load of the control output
    Measurement range
    Digital LCD display
    Mode of operation
    Heating or Cooling
    Display resolution
    Working conditions
    Temperature -10°C ~ +50°C, Humidity below 85%
    Alarm output
    R2 relay (5A)
    Obsługa czujników
    (RTD) Resistive NTC 5kOhm
    D1 alarm input
    In a board or hermetic, wall-mounted enclosure
    Power supply
    230V AC +/-10%

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