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Temperature controller RAMP-9


Temperature controller RAMP-9

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Product details
Programmable PID temperature controller with ramp function. Allows you to create operation steps. See details

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PID temperature controller RAMP 9

Professional industrial electronic PID temperature controller with ramp function. They are used wherever it is necessary to control the rise or fall of temperature over time. It allows you to program temperature control in 16 steps.


pic. Programmable PID temperature controller RAMP-9

Designed for use with injection molding machines, extruders, heating tunnels, heating chambers, soldering stations, packaging machines, welding machines, etc., as well as cooling equipment. Works with temperature sensors and thermocouples - Pt100, J,K,E,S,T,B. Temperature control range up to 1800°C. Series controllers are designed for mounting in control cabinets or switchboards. To mount the regulator in the cabinet, you need to use the mounting elements included in the set.Modern solution of temperature control in these machines - this is the basic parameter of the correct production process.

Technical data

Name Description
Power supply 230V AC
Control PID, ON/OFF
Control accuracy (hysteresis) 1~1000°C
Control output (S) voltage 24V under SSR relay max 30 mA
Measurement range 0~1800°C
Display resolution 0,1°C
Display Display of the set temperature
Display of current temperature
Alarm output AL1 relay 3A
Sensor support (RTD) Resistive Pt100 JPT100
(TC)Thermocouple J,K,E,S,T,B
Front panel dimensions 96x96mm
Program memory 16 steps
Degree of protection IP 65 (front panel)

Front panel


No. Symbol Name Description
1 OUT1 Display WYJ1
light (red)
Main control output indicator light
OUT2 WYJ2 indicator
light (red)
This product does not have this function.
AL1 Alarm1 indicator
light (red)
The light of the first alarm output.
AL2 Alarm2 indicator
light (red)
Light of the second alarm output.
AL3 Alarm3 indicator
light (red)
This product does not have this function.
AT AT indicator
light (green)
Auto-tuning indicator light
2 SET SET function key Menu key / confirmation key to enter or exit the modification
or confirm and save the modified parameter.
3 < Shift / AT key Activation key / Shift key / AT key for automatic tuning (as far as
and control mode, long press to enter / exit auto-tuning)
4 ^ Up key
Up key, in measure and control mode, long press it to
switch from RUN / STOP mode or check the menu in reverse order.
5 ˇ Down key
Down key, check menu in reverse order, long
press to enter the program menu.
6 SV Display window
Set value (green)
Set value / parameter display window, control
Is stopped when it displays "STOP".
7 PV Display window
Current value (red)
Display window of measured value / parameter code

Connection diagram

Schemat podłączenia RAMP 9

diagram. RAMP-9 connection


The ramp function consists in gradual ascent to the newly set setpoint according to the set speed (e.g. 20°C/min). The RAMP-9 controller allows you to set up to 16 ascending ramps (when the value rises to the new value) or descending ramps (when the value falls to the new setpoint).


The memory of the device allows storing 16 points of the heating curve (heating program). The curve can be divided into subprograms when setting THxx = STOP or RPT which means the end point of the subprogram. If THxx = HOLD is selected, the device when executing the program will automatically enter pause mode (PAUSE) which, unlike STOP/RPT, is not considered the end of the heating program/subprogram.

Example of a program with three subprograms.

The program performs the task of heating to a temperature of SV01=100 degrees during TR01=30 minutes, then maintaining this temperature for a period of TH01=40 minutes, then heating to a temperature of SV02=200 degrees in step 2, cooling to SV03=100 degrees in step 3 and to SV04=25 degrees in step 4 in which the TH04=STOP marker is set.


Fig. Diagram, example of a program with a heating curve.

Operating process and menu

Proces obsługi i menu Ramp-9
Data sheet
Technical data
    Power supply:
    230V AC +/-10%
    Measurement range:
    Display resolution:
    Control output:
    (S) napięciowe 24V pod przekaźnik SSR max 30 mA
    Alarm output:
    AL1 relay (3A)
    Obsługa czujników:
    (RTD) Resistive PT100, JPT100 / (TC) Thermocouple J,K,E,S,T,B
    Degree of protection:
    IP 65 (panel przedni)
    Mode of operation:
    Heating or Cooling
    Maximum load of the control output:
    Measurement accuracy:

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