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Incremental encoder HY38-360HS-A8


Incremental encoder HY38-360HS-A8

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Product details
Incremental encoder 360 imp/rev. 5-26VDC, Push-Pull output type, ABZ signal, hollow shaft (8mm through-hole). See details

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Aluminum measuring arm RR1 designed for Termipol's HY38 series encoders . The arm is equipped with a spring pressure to eliminate slippage during measurement and an additional adjustable axis.

Encoder HY38-360HS-A8

An encoder is a device that converts motion into an electrical signal. This signal can be read by a control device such as a pulse counter or PLC. Control devices can use this signal to control a process whose occurrence is dependent on the fulfillment of a condition, such as activation of the print head and printing on items in the correct location. Incremental encoders provide a signal in the form of a pulse wave with a high or low state, which allows recognition of the direction of rotation. They are characterized by the inability to determine a specific position, it is only possible to examine the movement from one position to another.

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Enkoder inkrementalny push pull HY38A6-HS-A8

pic Incremental Push Pull Encoder HY38A6-HS - shaft diameter O 8mm

Technical data

Name Description
Power supply 5-26 VDC
Encoder resolution 360 imp/rev
Encoder output type Push-pull
Encoder output signals A,B, Z
Maximum encoder output frequency 100kHz
Shaft type Hollow shaft (through hole)
Encoder shaft diameter 8mm
Encoder connection Cable 2m
Cable/connector placement Axial
Maximum operating current of the encoder 40mA
Protection class IP64
Max. speed 5000 rpm-1

How is the signal formed in the encoder?

The encoder resolution is a parameter that determines the number of pulses that are generated during one full revolution of the encoder. The higher this value is, the more accurate the positioning is. The number of encoder applications in industry is very large. Cutting to length, plotters, industrial robots, packaging, belt conveying, sorting, filling are all examples of issues involving encoders.

enkoder inkrementalny budowa

Fig. Incremental encoder - construction.


Fig. Wire markings, dimensions.


Fig. Connection with CI8 pulse counter.

Movie. Automatic measurement of the length of a component in millimeters - self-assembly kit.

movie. Automatic length measurement with encoder and pulse counter - installer's guide.

Data sheet
    Power supply:
    5-26 VDC
    Encoder resolution:
    360 imp/rev
    Encoder output type:
    Encoder output signals:
    AB, /AB, Z
    Maximum encoder output frequency:
    Shaft type:
    Hollow shaft (through hole)
    Bore diameter:
    Ø 8mm
    Encoder connection:
    2m cable
    Cable/connector placement:
    Maximum operating current of the encoder:
    Degree of protection:
    Max. speed:
    5000 obr/min-1

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