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PM6-P-N flowmeter


PM6-P-N flowmeter

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Product details
6mm flange mounting. Range: 0.3-4.5 L/min ± 3%. See details
Materiał wykonania:

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General-purpose pulse counter. It has one relay output (3A). Ideal for item counting applications using inductive sensors. Dimension 48x48mm.

PM6-P-N flow sensor

Liquid flow sensor designed to read the flow of water or other liquid at a rate of 0.3 to 4.5 L per minute. High sensitivity allows detection of even small liquid flows. The sensor sends a corresponding pulse signal. Made of a polymer body, water impeller and Hall sensor. When water flows through the impeller, it moves the impeller shaft. Its speed changes at different flow rates. The Hall sensor sends a corresponding pulse signal. It can be applied to water heaters, automatic water dispensers mounted on a tube with a diameter of 6 mm.

Przepływomierz PM6-P-N
pic Flow sensor PM-6-P-N

Technical data

Name Description
Power supply 5-18V DC
Output NO signal, OC transistor output(10mA) .
>4.7 V DC (input voltage 5 V DC).
Mounting 6mm flange
Power consumption 15mA (DC 5V)
Operating temperature 0 - 80 °C
Range 0.3-4.5 L/min ± 3%
Volumetric conversion 4021 imp/L ±10%
Impulse converter F=76*Q
Q=[L/m] F=[Hz].
Tube length 30 cm
Construction material body: polymer plastic
Working pressure < 1.75 MPa - (17.5 bar)

Dimensions and connection diagram

Przepływomierz PM - wymiary
Fig. PM flowmeter - dimensions.

When water flows through the body of the flow meter moves the rotor shaft - the sensor generates the corresponding pulse signal X (specified in the technical data). The number of pulses is proportional to the speed of water flow. Impulses, thanks to meters, can be converted into user-convenient values such as milliliters, liters, liters/min.

pm zasada działani
Fig. Flow meter principle of operation.

Example of application - wiring diagram Pulse counter CA4 + PM flow meter.

This set allows you to measure the volume of liquid. Example: filling tanks with 1.5 l of fluid each tank.

schemat podłączenia Licznik impulsów CA4  + przepływomierz PM
Fig. wiring diagram Pulse counter CA4 + PM flow meter.

Example of application - connection diagram Pulse counter CI8 + PM flow meter.

This set allows both the measurement of the volume of liquid and the number of dosages. Example: filling a series of 10 pieces of tanks with 1.5 l of liquid each tank. After completion of the series of 10 pieces, light notification.

schemat podłączenia Licznik impulsów CI8  + czujnik przepływu CP
Fig. connection diagram CI8 pulse counter + PM flow meter.

Dozowanie, napełnianie zbiorników.
animation. Batching, filling of tanks.

Data sheet
    Power supply:
    6mm flange
    Power consumption:
    15mA (DC 5V)
    Operating temperature:
    0 - 80 °C
    0.3-4.5L/min ± 3%
    Długość przewodów:
    30 cm
    NO signal, OC transistor output (10mA) min. 4.7 V DC (input voltage 5 V DC)
    Materiał wykonania:
    Operating pressure:
    ≤ 1,75 MPa - (17,5 bar)
    Przelicznik objętościowy:
    4021 imp/L ±10%
    Przelicznik impulsowy:
    F : 76*Q

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