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HT-R-500 liquid level sensor


HT-R-500 liquid level sensor

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Product details
Resistive float, liquid level, resistance sensor. Height 500mm. Made of stainless steel. See details
Materiał wykonania:
Stal nierdzewna SUS316, NBR (kauczuk nitrylowo-butadienowy)

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Resistive liquid level sensor HT-R-500 atest pzh

The liquid level float sensor allows precise measurement of the liquid level in the tank. The sensor works on the principle of variable resistance (0~190 ?), which changes with the position of the float. A permanent magnet is built into the float, whose magnetic field causes activation of the resistance measuring chain built into the guide tube. The measured resistance signal is proportional to the level. The sensor is designed for use in water, oil, fuel and other liquids.

Rezystancyjny czujnik poziomu cieczy HT-R-500
picture Resistive liquid level sensor HT-R-500.

Technical data

Name Description
Operating environment temperature -40 ~+85 °C
Degree of protection IP67
Construction material SUS316 stainless steel, NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber)
Cable length 40cm
Mounting Flange with gasket, 5 x M6 screw
Resistance 0 -190 Ohm
Resolution 24/500mm
Attestation PZH approval - approved for contact with drinking water

The sensor package includes

Zestaw czujnika HT-R
pict. HT-R sensor set
  • Gasket made of highly resistant elastomer.
  • Fastening screws made of stainless steel M6.


Dedicated metersfor sensors are: level meter/regulator with two alarm outputs SD8V from Termipol and analog level indicator GM-53 available in our store. By combining the devices that display the measurement result and the sensor, it is possible to continuously control the level with a single sensor. The sensor can be used in drinking water, industrial water, oils, fuels, refrigeration fluids, fecal matter.

Example of application

Video - Liquid level control in a tank with a resistance sensor.

In this episode, we demonstrate the operation of our liquid level measurement kit. It includes the SD8V meter/regulator and the HT-R series resistance float sensor made of stainless steel. The kit allows you to display the current status and maintain the level within the set range.Compared to traditional float sensors, in this case you only need one sensor and controller which reduces the cost of the project. In addition, two available alarm outputs, and the function of converting units to millimeters, liters, etc. gives you the opportunity to customize the set to your needs.

Animacja - utrymanie poziomu cieczy w zbiorniku
Animation - maintaining liquid level in the tank

Schemat - utrzymanie poziomu cieczy w zbiorniku. Czujnik rezystancyjny HT-R oraz miernik panelowy SD8T.
Fig. Diagram - maintaining the level of liquid in the tank. HT-R resistance sensor and SD8T panel meter.
Mocowanie, kołnierz czujnika rezystancyjnego HT-R-500
pic Mounting, flange of the HT-R-500 resistance sensor.

Wymiary czujnika HT-R-500

pic Dimensions of HT-R-500 sensor
Data sheet
    Flange including gasket ,5 x screw M6
    Operating temperature
    -40 ~+85 °C
    Degree of protection
    Długość przewodów
    Materiał wykonania
    Stal nierdzewna SUS316, NBR (kauczuk nitrylowo-butadienowy)
    Output signal
    0-190 Ω

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