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MG1 water level control module

MG1 water level control module

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An off-the-shelf device designed for precise water level maintenance. Meter, water level regulator. See details

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MG1 water level control module

Ready-to-use device designed for precise maintenance of water level (in a well, rainwater tank, etc.). Just connect the sensor and the actuator (e.g. pump, solenoid valve) to the control output and start working. One submersible hydrostatic sensor included. The module includes a proven MG14 panel meter.

Moduł sterowania poziomu wody MG1

pic.MG1 water level control module

MG14 panel meter

The controller performs the function of a panel gauge, which allows precise control of measured parameters in industrial processes due to having two LED displays. The purpose of the device is to work with sensors having voltage, current or resistance outputs including temperature sensors (full description of input signal types in the table below). Thanks to the MG14 meter it is possible to quickly convert the signal into values needed in production, for example, units of length (mm, cm), pressure or speed. The device has functions to tune to the input signal range. Built-in four relay alarm outputs ALL (b. low), AL (low), AH (high), AHH (b. high). Built-in large easy-to-read 4-character digital display and 0~100 graphic display, helpful for quick evaluation of industrial process.

Miernik panelowy MG14
pic MG14 panel meter

MG14 technical data

Name Description
Power supply 230V AC +/- 10%
Front panel dimensions 160x80mm
Display 4 position, Graphic 0~100% (current value)
Built-in power source 24VDC
Outputs Relay 4x 3A (NO)
Input 0~5V, 1~5V, 0~10V, 0~10mA, 0~20mA, 4~20mA, 0~10mV, 0~400Ω, 0~3000Hz

Hydrostatic liquid level sensor PS-02-010

Submersible water pressure sensor. The pressure exerted by water on the sensor is transmitted as a voltage signal (0 ~ 10V). The hydrostatic pressure is directly proportional to the submersion. The sensor is designed for operation in water. The pressure level sensor is usually mounted in a vertical position (e.g., in a well), hanging on a cable. Where the sensor may be exposed to movement during measurement, the position of the sensor must be secured to prevent errors. This can be done with a tube or weight placed on the probe.

Hydrostatyczny czujnik poziomu cieczy PS-02-010
pic. submersible, pressure liquid level sensor PS-02-010.

Technical data PS-02-010

Name Description
Output signal 0 ~ 10 V
Power supply 12-24V
Measuring range 0 ~ 2m
Working environment temperature -10 ~ +85 °C
Protection degree IP68
Construction material Stainless steel SUS304, rubber cable
Cable length 300cm

ABS plastic housing 350x250x150mm

High-quality housing made of ABS with mounting plate made of non-wood steel. The enclosure provides protection against external environment including dust water and other contaminants. Thanks to the use of reinforced walls, the enclosure protects the internal components from mechanical damage In the set of handles and mounting elements. The housing comes with two keys.

Obudowa ABS plastikowa 350x250x150mm
zdj. ABS plastic enclosure 350x250x150mm

Technical data Housing

Name Description
Dimensions 350 x 250 x 150mm [H x W x D].
Housing material ABS
Working temperature 5°C ÷ 60°C
Impact resistance class IK10
Degree of protection IP65
Additional information stainless steel mounting screws,
galvanized stainless steel mounting plate,
plastic lock x 2

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