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Wi-Fi temperature and humidity logger RTH1 Solid


Wi-Fi temperature and humidity logger RTH1 Solid

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Product details
Wi-Fi temperature logger. Wireless temperature and humidity measurement and recording device. External sensor. Delivery time of 3 working days. See details
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With the Premium package service, it is possible to archive measurement data up to 50000 entries. The measurement data in this package is stored for the entire subscription period.

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With the Premium package service, it is possible to archive measurement data up to 50000 entries. The measurement data in this package is stored for the entire subscription period.

WiFi RTH1 SOLID temperature/humidity logger

RTH1 SOLID is a wireless digital temperature and humidity meter/recorder with an external sensor, which communicates with the Internet via Wi-Fi. The device allows viewing the measured parameters and accessing the data in real time using a mobile application and the platform. Encrypted measurement data is sent to an individual customer account that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Thanks to the innovative design, the device is able to operate on battery power for up to a year, which allows for very fast installation and maintenance-free operation.

rth1 solid.jpg

offline.png Offline mode

The offline function consists in saving measurements to the internal memory of the recorder. The function starts automatically when wifi network coverage is lost ( router failure, power outage, etc.). When network access is restored, the device automatically transfers data from the internal memory (measurements from the period of network unavailability) to the measurement cloud to the user's account.

Internet connection
No internet connection
Power supply
Recording to the cloud
measurement data are sent to the server.
Power supply
from power supply
constant source of power.
Write tointernal memory
device works offline.

Power supply

constant source ofpower.

Storage to thecloud
measurement data are uploaded to the server.

power supply
dual power supply - up to 6 months of battery life.
Recordingto internal memory
device works offline.

power supply
dual power supply - up to 6 months of battery life.

Tab Operation of offline function and power supply.

podwojne_zasilanie.png Dual power supply

The recorder is equipped with two power sources - mains ( 230V/5V power adapter ) and efficient battery. In case of mains power failure, the device uses the built-in battery which allows it to work for several months ( up to 6 months of operation depending on the set sampling period).


update.png Remote updates

This function allows you to remotely upload any updates and take remote maintenance actions. A connection of the device to Internet is required.

ladowarka.png Built-in battery charger

The charger allows automatic charging of the built-in battery or periodic charging if the device is used with battery power. The set includes 230V/5V 1A AC adapter with power-JACK connector, thanks to which the charging process is fast (battery charging time approx.3 h) and very convenient.

Technical data

Name Description
Power supply 5V AC adapter (included)
Panasonic rechargeable battery NCR18650B
Temperature measurement range -40º C ~ +80º C
Humidity measurement range 0-99.9% RH
Accuracy 0.5°C
Sampling -30s; 1min; 15min; 30min; 1h; 12h; 24h
Internal memory capacity up to 1000 measurements
Communication Wi-Fi
Range Up to 150 m (in open space)
Battery charging time 3 hours
Offline working time Up to 6 months (sampling every 12 h)
Degree of protection IP65
Dimensions 58 x 83 x 35 mm
Weight 180g
Sensor External
Probe cable length 50cm

Fig. Gland on the sensor.

Fig. Sealed housing - rubber seal in the housing.



With the Premium package service it is possible to archive measurement data up to 50000 entries. Measurement data in this package are stored for the entire period of subscription. The Free package allows you to store up to 100 measurement entries for a period of 30 days. The price of Premium Package includes subscription for one device.

iPomiar packages



Premium Forever
Included in the price of the device
Data archiving period
Up to 30 days
No limit
No limit
Number of archived data
100 measurements
50000 measurements
50000 measurements
Alarm notifications to mobile devices
Report generation
Online view of temperature and humidity
Top and bottom alarms for each sensor
Mobile app for all devices
Position markers on map
Measurement history graph
100pcs SMS1 package Pakiet 100szt SMS

1 Included in Premium packages, valid for one year (cost of additional 100pcs SMS is 25PLN). Works on the territory of Poland.

How to start iPomiar device?

Brief instruction on how to start the series device . In the video as a demonstration we used a proven battery-powered WiFi RT1 temperature logger. Thanks to the economic mode of energy consumption, the device is able to work for a period of 6 months on a single battery charge. The WiFi RT1 temperature logger sends data to the server in encrypted form and only users logging in with individual accounts have access to the data.

Brief instructions on how to start the series device.

How the system works

With the help of the service it is possible to collect data from devices connected to the Internet. Access to data and product configuration is possible via a web browser or a dedicated mobile application. In addition, with it is possible to generate reports that illustrate the collected data in a simple and accessible way using graphs and tables.


A feature that distinguishes the platform is the direct connection of each sensor to a WiFi network without the need to use intermediate base stations - as is the case with Bluetooth communication.

schemat.jpg is a platform thanks to which it is possible to supervise online and safely collect data from various types of measuring devices. Access to data and product configuration is available via a web browser from anywhere in the world.

Data encryption

All data in system is encrypted and secured. Each device has its own unique ID number available to the user, based on which it is registered in the system.

baplikacje_ico.png Application for mobile devices

The free application for mobile devices allows quick access to the data sent by the devices. With the app, the user can also register new devices and manage those already present in the system. When the upper and lower alarms are exceeded, push notifications appear through the app on the android phone, and in the customer panel, exceeding the range is signaled by changing the color to red or blue.

powiadomienia sms pop up ipomiar

The device also measures the battery level and, similarly to the temperature alarm, informs the user of low battery status. In addition, in case of loss of network connectivity (router failure), a red light inside the device signals the error.

ON-LINE supervision is an online platform that collects data sent by Wi-Fi sensors, using which it is possible to continuously monitor devices connected to the system. Each sensor can be monitored and managed through an online panel or a phone app. The user can use a single app to collectively manage all devices from anywhere in the world.


The platform dashboard - desktop version.

Brej_danych_ico.png Data recording devices send data to individual user accounts. These data are stored on servers and archived. Access to archival measurements is possible at all times, and the period and amount of space on the account and the time of data recording are determined by the client.



The platform allows you to generate reports remotely using a browser or mobile application. The user determines from which period the data is to be downloaded and in what form the report is to be generated.


Report settings.


braporty_ico.png Charts and data tables

Thanks to an extensive user panel, it is possible to analyze measurement data presented in the form of graphs or tables. In addition, it is possible to generate reports from a specific time range.

Graph of stored measurement data.


Platform settings.

Android version

rejestrator-rth1.jpg application - Android version.


przem_spozywczy_BIGico.png apteki_BIGico.png plac_ochr_zdrowia_BIGico.png przem_farmac_BIGico.png

Download the application

Data sheet
    Measurement range
    -55°C ~ +125°C
    Up to 150 m (in open space)
    Czas pracy offline
    do 6 miesięcy (próbkowanie co 12 h)
    58 x 83 x 35 mm
    Internal memory capacity
    do 1000 pomiarów
    Sampling time
    30s; 1min; 15min; 30min; 1h; 12h; 24h
    Długość przewodów
    1m, 3m, 10m (dłuższe przewódy na zamówienie)
    Power supply
    Zasilacz sieciowy 5V (w zestawie)Akumulator Panasonic NCR18650B

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