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SSR relay ASR-110-AC 10A

SSR relay ASR-110-AC 10A

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Product details
SSR solid state relay 10A input 3-32VDC output 32-480VAC See details

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SSR Relay ASR-110-AC

Single-phase electronic relays SSR type with a current of max 10 A, for working voltage 48-400VAC, controlled by voltage signal 3 - 32V DC. They are widely used displacing traditional contactors and electromagnetic relays. SSR electronic relays are devices with no moving parts and are used to connect high currents. They are most often used in temperature control systems, wherever high reliability of operation, quiet operation, absence of sparking, resistance to shock, humidity and other disturbances are required.

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Technical data

Maximum relay current 10A AC
Relay type Single phase
Operating voltage of the relay 48-400V AC
Relay control 3-32V DC
Input current of the relay 4.5-20 mA
Relay response time 10 ms



Advantages of

  • Lack of any mechanical contacts, which results in several times longer life compared to traditional contactors
  • No noise of shorted contacts
  • No sparking
  • Resistance to moisture, dust, vibrations


  • Heating devices: all types of resistance heaters
  • Lighting control
  • Control of motors (the starting current of the motor must not exceed the load capacity of the relay) in three-phase applications I recommend one relay for each phase
  • Ideal solution for plastic processing machines (injection and extrusion machines)- work with controllers with 12 V DC output
Data sheet
    Maximum relay current
    10A AC
    Relay type
    Relay operating voltage
    48-400V AC
    Relay control
    3-32V DC
    Input current of the relay
    4.5-20 mA
    Response time
    10 ms

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