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I12-PNP inductive sensor


I12-PNP inductive sensor

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Product details
Inductive sensor 12mm, PNP, NO/NC, integrated connection cable See details
Materiał wykonania:
Stainless steel, ABS

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I12-P inductive sensor

The inductive proximity sensor works by changing its electromagnetic field in response to the approach of a metal object. This type of sensor is a simple solution for most applications requiring accurate, non-contact detection of metal objects in machinery or automatic equipment. Termipol's sensors that meet the high requirements of automation and process control are covered by warranty and service support.

Czujnik indukcyjny I12-P
Photo: I12-P inductive sensor.

Technical data

Name Description
Power supply 6-36 VDC
Protection class IP 67
Material Stainless steel, ABS
Type PNP
Output NO+NC
Finish Combined cable - 1.1m
Mounting diameter 12mm
Detection distance 0-4mm
Max. switching current 200mA
Operating frequency 400Hz
Additional information
  • Threaded stainless steel housings,
  • Protection against polarity change and short circuit,
  • LED status indicator


Inductive sensors are used in metal, food, agriculture and a wide field of industrial automation.

Position signaling - Proximity inductive sensors are automation components that respond to the introduction of metal into their zone of operation. They are commonly used in industrial automation systems to precisely determine the position of moving parts of machinery and equipment, and are characterized by high operational reliability, repeatability and dependability in harsh environmental conditions such as excessive dust, humidity, etc.


Fig. Inductive sensor - position signaling on a gear wheel.

Motion detection - Inductive motion sensors control rotary or linear motion by signaling a decrease in rotation or cessation of motion. They are equipped with an output to enable an external meter such as a CA4 or CI8 pulse counter .The sensor has LED signaling for easy positioning in the operating zone. Motion sensors are particularly useful for control of transport on production lines, drive systems, fans, motors, etc.

Fig. Inductive sensor - detection of movement of metal parts.

More information and advice on proximity sensors available in our blog:
Proximity sensors - types, principle of operation. How do they work?
PNP and NPN type sensors. Brief description

Fig. Inductive sensor I12-P - dimensions and wire markings.
Data sheet
    Degree of protection
    Integrated connection cable
    Mounting diameter
    Odległość wykrywania
    Maximum current
    Materiał wykonania
    Stainless steel, ABS
    Frequency of operation
    400 Hz
    Power supply
    6-36 VDC

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