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Liquid level sensors

Liquid level sensors work on the principle of magnetics. The reed switch placed in the mounting tube, thanks to the use of magnetic floats, closes or opens the current circuit. All sensors are certified by the National Institute of Hygiene, so they are approved for installation with drinking water.

The sensors can be used to signal low, high, or maintain any liquid level. They are used in production processes, industrial automation or home projects. Float sensors can be made of polypropylene, PVDF or acid-resistant steel.

  • Reed liquid level sensors

    Reed liquid level sensors

    <p>The sensors have a float equipped with a magnet that short-circuits or opens the reed switch. Adjusting the fluid level changes the position of the float relative to the reed switch. The float liquid level sensor can be made of polypropylene, PVDF or acid-resistant steel.</p>
  • Hydrostatic liquid level sensors

    Hydrostatic liquid level sensors

    <p>Submersible water pressure sensor. The pressure exerted by the water on the sensor is transmitted as a voltage signal (0 ~ 10 V). Hydrostatic pressure is directly proportional to submersion.</p> <p></p>
  • Ultrasonic level sensors

    Ultrasonic level sensors

    <p>The sensor works on the principle of measuring the time of propagation of a sound wave (time of flight). The sensor generates a pulsed ultrasonic wave, which is reflected from the surface and returns to the sensor head.</p> <p></p>
  • Linear liquid level sensors

    Linear liquid level sensors

    <p>The sensors operate on the principle of a variable, linear signal value<strong>(4-20mA</strong> or <strong>0-190Ω)</strong>, which changes with the position of the float. When used in conjunction with <a href="" title="Mierniki panelowe - Urządzenia pozwalają przeliczyć wartości odczytu na wygodne dla użytkownika miary.">panel meters</a>, this allows them to display the current status and maintain any liquid level within the set range.</p>




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