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HT275-2SL liquid level sensor

HT275-2SL liquid level sensor

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Dual float, liquid level sensor, reed switch, height 275mm. Made of stainless steel. See details

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Liquid level control relays AFR1 allows to maintain minimum and maximum states. Includes an 8 VAC control voltage source. Designed to work with float sensors.

Liquid level sensor HT-275-2

They are used wherever it is necessary to control and regulate the level of liquid (such as water, oil, etc.). The sensor has two floats equipped with a magnet, which move vertically along the guide tube under the influence of the buoyancy force of the liquid, causing the reed switch to short circuit or open. They are usually mounted in the bottom or lid of the tank, so they can be used to control the lower or upper level of the liquid. By changing the position of the float, the function of the reed switch is changed from short-circuited to open-circuited.


Technical specifications

Name Description
Rated power 10W
Max. switching voltage 100VDC
Max. switching current 0,5A
Operating temperature -30 ~ +125 °C
Protection degree IP 67
Cable length 30 cm
Material Stainless steel SUS304
Mounting External thread with nut M10
Attestation PZH approval - approved for contact with drinking water


The design of the sensor does not allow the connection of 230V mains voltage, so it is recommended to use the relay AFR1 with a built-in safe voltage source of 8VAC to power the sensors.

Principle of operation

The sensors have a magnet fixed in the float, which, by rising, causes the contact of the reed switch located in the body of the tube to short or open. The sensors can operate as NC - normally closed or NO - normally open. Changing the mode of operation is achieved by rotating the float by 180°.

  • high state: off
  • low state: on
  • high state: on
  • low state: off

Example of application

Maintaining the level of liquid in a tank at any level, high and low, using the relay AFR1 available on our other auction. Relay AFR1 Allows both the actuation of an actuating device (e.g. pump, solenoid valve) and the supply of up to two sensors with low control voltage.

Utrzymanie poziomu cieczy w zbiorniku

Maintain the level of liquid in the tank at any level, high and low using the relay AFR1.

Data sheet
    External thread with M10 nut
    Switching voltage
    100V DC
    Max. prąd przełączania
    0,5 A
    Długość przewodów
    30 cm
    Materiał wykonania
    Stainless steel SUS304

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Float sensor, liquid level, reed switch, 1/2 inch mounting. Made of stainless steel.




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