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C12-P capacitive sensor

C12-P capacitive sensor

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Product details
12mm PNP integrated connection cable See details

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C12-P capacitive sensor

Capacitive sensors can be used to detect metal objects and those made of almost any other material, e.g.: liquids, wood, paper, plastics, sand, glass. These sensors are often used to detect the level or control the flow rate of liquids, granular and powdery materials. Capacitive proximity sensors respond to the proximity of ANY material (medium) to the active surface (sensor field). The capacitance of the capacitor depends on the material through which the electric field penetrates. The sensor detects the proximity of any material whose dielectric constant is different from that of air.

Czujnik pojemnościowy C12-P
Photo: capacitive sensor C12-P.

Technical data

Name Description
Power supply 6-36 VDC
Protection class IP 67
Material Stainless steel, ABS
Type PNP
Output NO
Finish Combined cable - 1.1m
Mounting diameter 12mm
Detection distance 0-4mm
Max. switching current 200mA
Additional information
  • Threaded stainless steel housing,
  • Sensitivity adjustment - potentiometer
  • LED status indicator


  • Detection of the presence of liquid in a metal tank with a plastic or glass vision window.
  • Detection of bottle filling.
  • Detection of paper continuity.
  • Detection of the presence of paper in a stack.

Czujniki pojemnościowe - Zastosowanie

More information and advice on proximity sensors available in our blog:
Proximity sensors - types, principle of operation. How do they work?

Czujnik pojemnościowy C12-P
Fig. C12-P capacitive sensor - dimensions and wire markings.
Data sheet
    Integrated connection cable
    Mounting diameter
    Odległość wykrywania
    Maximum current
    Materiał wykonania
    Stainless steel, ABS
    Power supply
    6-36 VDC

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