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Temperature sensor PT100 6x100mm 1/2


Temperature sensor PT100 6x100mm 1/2

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Product details
Dimension Fi 6x100mm, mounting 1/2 inch thread up to 400°C See details

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PT100 temperature sensor 6x100mm 1/2″ inch

PT100 sensors designed for temperature measurement in various industries. The main use of these sensors is in plastics processing. The set includes bayonet mounting of the sensor to the measuring object.

Czujnik temperatury PT100 6x100mm 1/2″ Cala
photo Temperature sensor PT100 6x100mm 1/2″ Inch

Technical data

Name Description
Measurement range -50~400°C
Dimension Fi 6x100mm
Cable 2 meters in stainless steel braid corrosion resistant, terminated with clamps
Capillary material/shield Sensor shield made of acid steel - resistant to temperatures up to 200°C
Mounting 1/2″ inch male thread
Working pressure 1.6 MPa
Number of wires 3 wires (additional shielding wire to eliminate measurement interference)


Wymiary czujnika PT100 6x100mm mocowanie gwint 1/2″ Cala
Fig. Dimensions of PT100 sensor 6x100mm mount 1/2″ inch thread

Data sheet
    Measurement range:
    Sensor type:
    Fi 6x100mm
    Sensor cable:
    2 meters with stainless steel braid and silicone coating. Corrosion resistant, terminated with clamps
    Capillary/shield material:
    Acid steel
    Gwint 1/2″ Cala
    Ilość przewodów:
    3 wires (additional shielding wire to eliminate measurement interference)
    Additional information:
    Edge cable protection (spring)

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