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Temperature sensors

Proven temperature sensors from Termipol. Depending on the application, sensors of various types and finishes are available. For high temperatures (up to 1200 C ) dedicated are TC (Thermocouple) thermocouples and for applications requiring high speed and precision we recommend resistance sensors such as PT100 or NTC. NTC sensors are widely used in food industry solutions due to their simplicity and working range. Industrial temperature sensors - PT100, J, K thermocouples, NTC resistance sensors

  • PT100 temperature sensors

    PT100 temperature sensors

    <p><img src="" alt="" style="float:right;" width="400" /></p> <p>[<strong>MEASUREMENT RANGE : -50 <span class="st">°C + </span> 400 <span class="st">°C ] </span></strong> The most popular temperature sensor offering <strong>high accuracy</strong> and<strong> low measurement inertia</strong>. PT100 type belongs to RTD ( <em>Resistance temperature decetors</em>) resistance sensors its resistance <span class="st"> at 0°C is 100 Ohm</span>. High-quality sensors resistant to mechanical and thermal damage offered in various housing variants and sizes.</p>
  • NTC temperature sensors

    NTC temperature sensors

    <p><img src="" alt="" style="float:right;" width="400" /></p> <p>[<span class="st"><strong>MEASUREMENT RANGE : -50 <span class="st">°C + </span> 150 <span class="st">°C ] </span> </strong></span> <strong>NTC</strong><span class="st">(negative temperature coefficient</span>) thermistors are<strong> economical</strong> and <strong>fast</strong> sensors in which a change in temperature<span class="st"> causes a decrease in resistance</span>.Used mainly in<strong> ON-OFF </strong>type controllers<strong> such as 8810 +. </strong>Because of the large changes in resistance per °C, even small changes in temperature are detected with high accuracy.</p>
  • Thermocouples


    <p>[RANGE OF <strong> MEASUREMENT : -200 <span class="st">°C + </span> 1400 <span class="st">°C ] </span></strong> Family of thermocouple sensors <strong>TC</strong> (Thermocouple) offer operation in a much <strong>larger temperature range</strong>. The sensor responds to a change in temperature with a voltage of mV proportional to the change and the thermocouple used.In our service there are available in standard the most popular thermocouples:<br /><strong>Type J :</strong> <strong>-50 <span class="st">°C + </span> 400 <span class="st">°C</span></strong><br /><strong>Type</strong> <strong>K : <strong> -200</strong></strong>°C <strong> <strong> <span class="st">+ </span></strong></strong>1200 <strong> <strong> <span class="st">°C</span></strong></strong> <strong> <strong> <span class="st"></span></strong></strong> <strong><br /></strong>Thermocouples of other types and gauges are also available in the tab "customized sensors". <strong><br /></strong></p>
  • Non-contact temperature sensor

    Non-contact temperature sensor

    <p><img src="" alt="" style="float:right;" width="400" height="300" /></p> <p>Non-contact temperature sensor. It works on the principle of infrared intensity of an object to calculate the temperature of a surface without a point of contact.</p>
  • Customized temperature sensors

    Customized temperature sensors

    <p>We manufacture sensors on special order. We price and prepare the goods in accordance with the arrangements of the customer on the basis of sent drawings or information about the dimensions. High quality sensor manufactured in Poland having warranty and service of the Producer in addition Termipol company provides fast realization of even the most demanding orders.</p> <p><img src="" alt="czujniki_temperatury_na_wymiar.jpg" width="800" /></p>




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