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AFR1 control relay


AFR1 control relay

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Product details
Liquid level control relays AFR1 allows to maintain minimum and maximum states. Includes an 8 VAC control voltage source. Designed to work with float sensors. See details

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Control relay AFR1

Przekaźnik kontrolny AFR1

pic: AFR1 control relay

AFR1 relays are used to detect the presence of liquids at the levels of mounted reed switch probes. It allows to maintain the minimum and maximum states of the controlled liquid within the range set by the user. It includes an 8 VAC control voltage source for float sensors. The relay works with liquid level, liquid flow sensors, which are included in our offer. Included is a relay socket with DIN rail mounting.

Technical data

Name Description
Power supply 230V AC
Control output Relay 5A NO/NC
Operating conditions -10~+55 ℃ / 45~85%RH
Mounting For DIN rail (PF083A)
Input Min / Max.
Built-in power source 8VAC
Weight 200g
Durability of contacts ≥5 million times
Additional information Two LED indicator lights

Wiring diagram


PF083A relay base and wiring diagram


Tank liquid level control - when the liquid level drops to the MIN state (i.e. MIN sensor opened ), the auxiliary contact is switched to position 6 and the pump starts. When the liquid level reaches the MAX state (i.e. MAX sensor shorted), the relay contact will switch to position 5 and the feed pump will turn off. The device maintains the liquid level between the MIN and MAX sensors by switching the auxiliary contact state between 5 and 6 respectively (turning the pump on and off).

Przykład zastosowania - utrzymanie poziomu cieczy w zbiorniku.

Application example - maintaining the liquid level in the tank.

The video shows a diagram of HT liquid level sensors and their practical application. All using the AFR1 relay adapted to them.

Przekaźnik AFR1 - zastosowanie z dwoma czujnikami zamocowanymi na dowolnym poziomie.

Relay AFR1 - application with two sensors fixed at any level.

Przekaźnik AFR1 - zastosowanie z czujnikiem dwupływakowym.

AFR1 relay - application with a two-fluid sensor.

Przekaźnik AFR1 - zastosowanie z czujnikiem pływakowym pojedyńczym.

AFR1 relay - application with a single float sensor.

Przekaźnik AFR1 + czujnik przepływu

AFR1 relay - application with a flow sensor.

Data sheet
    Power supply:
    230V AC
    Control output:
    Working conditions:
    -10~+55 ℃ / 45~85%RH
    Na szyne DIN (pf083a)
    Additional information:
    Dwie kontrolki LED
    Built-in power source:
    Obciążenie znamionowe (rezystancyjne):
    Durability of contacts:
    ≥5 mln razy

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