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Ultrasonic level sensor CU-05-420


Ultrasonic level sensor CU-05-420

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Product details
Ultrasonic level sensor. Range 0~5m. 4-20mA signal See details
Materiał wykonania:

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Ultrasonic level sensor CU-05-420

High accuracy ultrasonic sensor allows precise, continuous, non-contact, maintenance-free level measurement:

  • liquids,
  • pastes,
  • powders,
  • granulates,
  • coarse-grained bulk materials, etc.

The measurement is not affected by material properties such as dielectric constant, density, humidity. The use of ultrasonic sensors in level measurement is a proven and economical solution. An additional advantage is easy assembly, installation and low operating costs.

Ultradzwiękowy czujnik poziomu CU05
pic. Ultrasonic level sensor CU05.

Technical data

Name Description
Range 0~5m
Power supply 24VDC
Output 4-20mA
Min. measurement level 30cm
Measurement accuracy 0.25% F.S. (standard conditions)
Working temperature -10-60C
Display LED
Protection degree IP65
Response time 1.5s
Construction material ABS
Current consumption 0.2A
Finishing Internal terminal strip
Dimensions 92mm x 198mm
Mounting M60 thread with nut
Additional information Two choke holes M20 x 1.5

Principle of operation

The sensor works on the principle of measuring the time of propagation of a sound wave (Time of flight). The sensor generates a pulsed ultrasonic wave, which is reflected from the surface and returns to the sensor head. The propagation time of the reflected wave is directly proportional to the distance between the sensor and the measured level.


  • High accuracy- ± 1cm (at 5m range)
  • Easy installation - single measuring element
  • Non-contact measurement - no direct contact between the medium and the sensor
  • Maintenance-free operation - no moving parts
  • Resistance to interference - the measurement is not affected by the properties of the measured material (dielectric constant density, color, etc.),
  • Resistance to deposits - self-cleaning of the sensor head due to vibration during wave generation.




When installing, it is necessary to maintain a responsive distance from the edge of the tank. Taking into account the propagation angle of the measuring wave beam, which is 12 degrees. In addition, take into account the minimum distance of the sensor from the measured surface of 30cm. For a sensor with a range of 0-5m, it is 50cm from the tank wall.



Fig. level mode - measurement of L (F-H)

zdj. Example of connection with external panel meter MG14.

Ultradzwiękowy czujnik poziomu CU05.
pic. Ultrasonic level sensor CU05.

Sensor ultradzwiękowy CU05.
zdj. Ultrasonic sensor CU05.
zdj. CU05 sensor dimensions
Data sheet
    Measurement range
    Measurement accuracy
    0.25% F.S. (warunki standardowe)
    92mm x 198mm
    Gwint M60 z nakrętką
    Additional information
    Dwa otwory dławikowe M20 x 1.5
    Operating temperature
    Degree of protection
    Wewnętrzna listwa zaciskowa
    Materiał wykonania
    Output signal
    Current consumption
    Response time
    Min. level of measurement
    Power supply
    24 VDC

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